Soundtracking Moments


Apologies for my tardiness. I’ve had some big changes take place over the summer which took priority. For those who have already began missing summer, please enjoy my July 2015 playlist. The cover features Jumana, a mermaid who enjoys mimicking the anatomy of type.

I’ll be posting on the blog more frequently but for those who’d like to see more of my graphics and other other updates please follow me @ fhabayeb on Instagram.


Toiletries for Daily Swimmers

aris Habayeb Buoy Packaging 3

Buoy is a packaging passion project. It combines my fondness for illustration, swimming, and design for the beauty and wellness sector. The idea came through after having a hard time finding products that possess a good sense of style, all the while addressing the sensitive skincare needs of a regular swimmer.

Faris Habayeb Buoy Type Treatment

Faris Habayeb Buoy Retail Simulation

Faris Habayeb Buoy Packaging 4

Faris Habayeb Buoy Packaging 1

Faris Habayeb Buoy Flat Package

Faris Habayeb Buoy Face + Body Wash

Faris Habayeb Buoy Swimmer Illustrations