Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore

Soul is basking in a new kind of vogue, and it seems logical for that soul-funk-retro machine we now know so well, to spit out another prototype for us, no? After all, Amy Winehouse is yet to release a follow up to Back to Black, and Adele and Duffy are yet to assert their presence on the music map. Meet Gin Wigmore. A Kiwi who lives in Australia and is currently touring the United States, peppering late night television with live appearances and promoting her debut release, Holy Smoke (that just saw the light of day, this side of the pond).

It’s hard to really pinpoint what Gin has to bring to the table. Apart from summoning the aforementioned artists, Gin certainly has a raw edge to her vocals. At her best she hints at acts like Skunk Anansie or even Macy Gray. In a spontaneous instance or two she gives us a taste of something completely unique, as the gal hardly sticks to one set genre. That is, she’s a bit of jazz, soul,and even rock.

For a sip of some top-shelf Gin listen to “Golden Ship” and “Hey Ho”.


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