Melanie Blatt | Shine

I have always been a girl band fanatic. Ever since the Spice Girls graced the 90’s with light-hearted pop and merry kitsch, I’ve indulged in the deluge of girl bands that came to follow, particularly All Saints. On the surface, many have dubbed the band as a hardly perennial pop act, albeit with a bit more sophistication than the standard. Truth be told, there’s a lot more to uncover. Melanie Blatt, a former band member has always had an understated appeal to her. Sultry, Blatt’s croons made up for some of All Saints best moments, and on her own she’s managed to craft some really good French House beats.

Unfortunately, Blatt has worked on two solo records that never really saw the light of day. The second, Shine, recorded in 2005, isn’t your conventional All Saints pop at all. A polar shift from songs like, “Do Me Wrong”, “24/7” or “Dreamin’ About Tomorrow”, Shine, perhaps dry on its first spin, is in fact a dreamy, sun-drenched melancholiac, evocative of a great impressionist painting. It is bathed with sullen vocals and great tunes. This has only made me admire Ms. Blatt more, dreaming up her potential. Perhaps she should consider a collaboration with the phenomenal Zero 7.


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