Dear American Apparel,

While we have been together for more than a year now you’ve managed to mutilate my feelings. I am inseparable with your Almost Black Slim Slack and Deep V-necks.

I have been eyeing your coral Pinpoint Oxford Long Sleeve Button-Up. The shirt just looked great on guys, girls, folded and even on the hanger. Moreover, that coral just flattered my skin tone so well. So, I justified the $54 price tag, and with good reason, it is the sort of a shirt one could could sport in the office, or on a spring weekend, alfresco. When I tried it on, I was in form-fitting heaven. The shirt, which is also darted and its sleeves ended just before my hands began. It was the perfect end to a horrible rainy weekend on that Sunday afternoon in SoHo.

When I got home I noticed a flaw in the shirt, the fabric had a small patch that looked worn out. Gutted, I returned it to the nearest American Apparel for an exchange. Later that night, I noticed another defect on the collar. Vexed, I managed to exchange it again the following day. Excited to be reunited with the shirt that I adored, I noticed a small rip with the collar’s button hole. Was this mere coincidence? Was finding a shirt that finally fit so perfectly too good to be true? Don’t get me wrong I’m on board with your “vertically integrated manufacturing,” and how each piece takes 56 sweatshop-emancipated L.A. hipsters to sew an inseam. I also get that each piece is never identical to another, however, when this philosophy you market is in reality defective over-priced apparel, we have a problem. Now I am stuck with store credit and a lot of uncertainty.


2 thoughts on “Dear American Apparel,

  1. I must report on the American Apparel Oxford situation. Since the issue was brought to the attention of customer service, more than adequate action was taken. They offered to fix the shirt and also include two gift cards which were Fedexed to my apartment. Excitement unfolds as I plan on growing my Pinpoint Oxford Long Sleeve Button-Up collection.

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