Iron Man 2

These days, I’ve become enthralled with the world of wardrobes, stylists, costume designers etc. Indifferently tagging along to Iron Man 2, I left the movie, unexpectedly excited. The flick was light, comical and for the most part enjoyable. I hadn’t seen the first movie and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, there was some relevance that was to be reserved, nostalgically speaking that is. My brother whose love for Iron Man or Al Rajul Al Hadidee, goes way back to our childhood when we would watch the animated cartoon dubbed in Arabic.

Putting the action, special effects and the apparent, much slimmer, fitted Iron Man suit aside, I want to comment on wardrobe. Duly noted eye candy, came from Stark, Hammer and Pepper Potts. In a scene of disgruntled exchange between Stark and the newly appointed CEO, Potts, both characters exude sartorial elegance at its finest. Stark layering a sophisticated graphite blazer with jeans and either cons or plimsolls, I couldn’t tell and Potts, in the most simple, but razor-edged grey dress with heels that only a CEO could afford. Balancing this highlighted spectacle was a sun drenched scene with an office that boasted expansive windows, freshly cut calla lilies, a stainless steel artistic contraption and the dismal strawberries that Potts was allergic to.

Hammer’s character, regardless of how obnoxious and ill intentioned, was also sartorially preeminent. Always in formal wear, his three piece suits, vests and picture frame glasses could only allude to his impeccable taste, adding dimension to his character, making him look great even in his most humiliating and awkward moments. Major kudos goes to Mary Zophres, the movie’s costume designer.


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