Louis Vuitton: The Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe, by The Selby

For more than 150 years Louis Vuitton has been crafting a heritage of luxury, a cachet that extends beyond the veneer that is the LV monogram and its cult of the rich and parvenu. Positioning itself as relevant to the times (fashionable), classic and everlasting, Louis Vuitton has been quite instrumental in asserting its credibility not only in luxury, but culture and the cosmopolitan.

Think to the celebrated series of city guides illustrated by Ruben Toledo. In tandem, the Journeys campaign (created by Ogilvy and Mather), which most notably features some of the brand’s A-list celebrity ambassadors basking in the glory that is Annie Leibovitz’s photography, has also been proven to be quite accomplishing—another testament to the brand’s globe trotting heritage.

Partnering with Todd Selby, the acclaimed photographer and illustrator, Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign, Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe, takes this peregrinating romance a little further, by capturing the lives of notable artists, hoteliers and their respective destinations in an all encompassing interactive site. Brimming with illustration, sound and beautiful photography, The Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe, documents the lives of individuals in their artistic and geographical elements. From Paris, to Shanghai, to New York, you enter homes, offices and studios.

Personal and Louis Vuitton pieces are captured, as retro meets contemporary and nuances on Fall 2010 are denoted. What’s most enthralling is the variety and difference encountered as one experiences these unique spaces and characters. It’s not all rustic and old world (visit Tokyo and you’ll see what I mean), yet the underlying yet subliminal message remains. That is, Louis Vuitton’s presence is hardly for the whole world but certain, discerning individuals, from the world over.


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