Marc Jacobs’ Bang

July 2010 will witness the debut of Bang, the inaugural fragrance for men by Marc Jacobs. I’m already thinking this is quite noteworthy, as spicy pepper is the fragrance’s top note and a favorite essence of mine. Simple yet packing quite the punch, Bang is bound to generate a lot of buzz. Beyond the astuteness of the scent’s nomenclature, the designer himself is the face of the fragrance, bringing a different element to the Marc Jacobs brand as we know it. Following the footsteps of Yves Saint Laurent who posed naked yet quite placidly for his Pour Homme fragrance, Marc Jacobs is literally and metaphorically penetrating the sexual context. Reminiscent of Tom Ford’s overtly sexual messaging, Bang takes on a visual and textural guise as Jacobs’ crotch area exposes a metallic structure that seems like it has just experienced a powerful blow, pushing the contours of the bottle’s perspective into a punch that’s been captured quite baroquely. Accordingly, Jacobs facial expression suggests the cause of the structure’s state. Sources have stated that the campaign will be modified for more conservative markets like the Midwest and the Middle East alike.


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