Heaven in a Flattened Twist

Zabar’s, the specialty food store and distinctive landmark of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, has much more to offer than delicious bagels, amazing coffee, smoked fish, and cheeses from all over. On a mission to replenish my espresso inventory at home, I decided to muster the courage (it was a Sunday after all) and pay this artisanal food purveyor a quick visit.

After conducting my business like it were a military strategy (I wanted to be in and out) I noticed some free samples of pastry sticks. There was quite the variety, yet the double chocolate caught my eye. I heard the woman giving out the samples say how all the sticks were freshly made on-premise, and were a delicious complement to coffee or a snack.

And so I thought to myself, if the taste were only remotely relative to Zabar’s chocolate rugelach or babka, then this must be really good. As I casually crunched my sampled twist, I knew that this was no waste of calories. It was beautifully buttery, a little salty and oh so chocolaty. I fast forwarded to prized weekend mornings, crunching and munching, espresso in-hand, realizing that the world really is my oyster and that there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish.

If you’re in the city, stop by and buy some! I couldn’t find them online, but think of them as a dryer, flattened rugelach. Heaven in a flattened twist.


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