Snack Taverna

Snack Taverna

An unassuming yet ambient space that embodies the romantic temperament of the West Village.

Situated on Bedford, it’s not the easiest to find, and if you’re an uptown boy like me then you lose all sense of direction once the streets decide to have names, not numbers.

The floor to ceiling windows, the genuine exposed brick…Snack Taverna racks up brownie points for ambience alone. The waitstaff weren’t necessarily the most reflecting of the space’s look and feel. Having said that, the spot is perfect for an intimate wine and Greek tapas sort of evening. The food here is delicious and is one of the better Greek spots to nosh in the city.

Sampled was Lamb Stifado, tenderly braised with pearl onions and a yogurt tomato sauce, which was beautiful. The meat was so tender and the tang of the yogurt in the sauce just made for a very happy lamb moment.

The Shrimp Santorini was another eventful small dish. Doused in barrel aged feta and ouzo flavored tomato sauce, it was succulent and fresh and just all melded really well together.

Last, but not least was the Mushroom Yiouvetsi, orzo with a cinnamon tomato sauce, olives and shaved Kefalotyri cheese. The dish was very reminiscent of a hearty homemade Middle Eastern macaroni bake.

Snack Taverna
63 Bedford St.

New York, NY 10014


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