Morningside Eats: Vareli


Opening only recently is Vareli, with quite the imaginative menu (if you like the oink, you’ll appreciate the incongruity of a pig Shawarma served on Pig Tuesdays).

Partnering with West Side Market, my staple purveyor of groceries which sits right across the street, Vareli brings a much needed dining alternative in the Morningside Heights neighborhood.

On a whim, the menu seems like its trying too hard, trotting the globe in the Middle East with tartars that meet za’atar, salumi, steaks, cheese and lots of wine. Having said that, there is a certain ambitiousness that can be appreciated. The prices aren’t morbidly expensive and everything seems to come into play with good intentions.

Highlights are the Turkish bread that comes with your staple Mediterranean spreads (the Tzatziki was divinely salty), the Rainbow Beet Salad and the Spice-rubbed Head-on Prawns.

2869 Broadway (between 111th & 112th)
New York, NY 10025


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