Amber Pour Homme, by Prada


A favorite in my cologne miscellany. Amber Pour Homme, by Prada, is a soapy scent with delicate musk whispers. Masculine yet mellow, the top notes are brimming with a rich mix of mandarin, bergamot and cardamon. Mid notes are of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla. You’ll find the 3.4 oz. bottle available with a traditional atomizer in stainless steel, a handsome structure delicately complemented by the orchid hued cologne.

© 2009 Faris Habayeb



A cantina experience that offers reasonably priced eats and good character. Situated in the West Village on the relatively expansive street that is Hudson, Corsino is a great spot to nosh and drink.

Whether you’re looking for ending a work day or a start to a romantic evening, Corsino is a proper choice. It’s a great interpretation of what an Italian restaurant should be like in New York. It’s not extremely rustic, nor is it newfangled. It keeps things quintessentially Italian without too many gimmicks (think lots of brick, wood, slate, metals and a solid type treatment for the restaurant’s logo). For a more intimate, charming experience, opt for outdoor seating as you dine on the cusp that is Hudson, just as it meets the adorable cobble-stoned Horatio.

Highlights are the inventive crostini varieties, Corsino’s un-complimentary rejoinder to the bread and oil standard. Opt for radicchio and goat cheese or sweet onion and walnut. For a hearty segway order the tagliatelle with lamb Ragù, a simple but rich, delicately savory dish, that’s flavorful but uncomplicated. Reservations come highly recommended as throngs of clamorous 20-30 somethings crowd the space often.

637 Hudson St. (between Horatio St. & Gansevoort St.)
New York, NY 10014

Sky Ferreira

After making her mark in the digital realm, 18 year old Sky Ferreira is no longer just a MySpace celebrity.

Sky Ferreira

Her latest single “One”, an infectious electro-pop number is quite noteworthy. Reminiscent of a great 90’s pop number from Europe, you’d have a hard time believing that this chick is from Los Angeles. Moreover, the video has moments where you’d think this were a montage from a J.Crew photo shoot that never made it to print. Pretty. Very pretty.

Sky Ferreira

Robyn’s Dancing On Her Own

I can’t get this tune out of my head. The beat is so sick and the words are so uncomplicated yet right on the money. “Dancing On my Own” delivers so much emotion and it’s definitely one of my summer anthems for this year. Remember Robyn? She debuted in the 90’s with her pop number, “Show Me Love”. Great to see her back and evolving her sound. I don’t mind dancing on my own to this at all. Neither should you!

New Rupee Symbol

New Rupee

Refreshing currency symbols is the sort of thing that places an aspiring iconographer into the graphic stratosphere. It’s a difficult task with an end result that is built upon long lasting durability.

Typically, the process entails a government or federal institution commissioning an iconographic juggernaut. This wasn’t the case for India’s Union Cabinet.

Adjusting to the country’s rapid economy and global impact, India will now join the ranks of the US dollar, the British pound, the Euro and the Japanese Yen, who each have their own unique symbols. A competition with more than 3,000 entries, concluded with selecting Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam’s design as the new symbol of the Indian rupee.

Own-able to India and it’s people, the new mark possesses a sturdy structure with organic and geometric contours. In context, financial reporting and the such, it’s easy to see the success of the new rupee mark. It will surely fit comfortably with other global financial icons and with the unicode standard.

I find delight in the structure of the mark. It has a fluent sort of masculinity, that’s more assertive than overweening, alluding to the symbioses between the organic and geometric.

The Cowl

GQ Cowl

Cowls are no longer exclusively for women. Creeping into menswear, nowadays it’s hardly a treatment that is only found in long sleeved attire. As we’re starting to see more retailers express their take on the large loosened collar, it’s still uncertain if this sort of collared avant-gardism will became a mainstay in menswear. Nonetheless, for the summer season the unfurled and writhing collar can now be found in tee-shirts and tanks.

Love it or hate it, I predict it continuing to evolve. The truth is I’ve both fallen in and out of love for it. The trick is not to get too crazy. A simple rule of thumb is to keep the highly experimental for professional models and not rail thin pasty boys plodding through the streets of Manhattan.

In the best case scenario this style is more stretched out than cowled, like on Taylor Lautner as he graces GQ’s cover.

It’s a casual gray tee that looks like its been worn in and stretched a little. It doesn’t call too much attention to itself and Taylor rocks it pretty damn well. Part muscle tee, part boho, Armani Exchange did a fantastic job with this one! Topman has been really pushing the envelope with the cowl, possibly more than any other menswear retailer (we’re yet to see a J.Crew take on this!). This khaki piece works. It’s essentially a reversed hoodie and because the color and style is so utilitarian, pegging the donner as a fashion victim is less likely to be the case. Pair with simple khaki shorts and black work boots.

KT Tunstall’s Return

Push That Knot Away

“Push That Knot Away” was just released as a preview of the forthcoming KT Tunstall sound being released in September. Taken from the new LP Tiger Suit, the track is dripping with Tunstall rock and grit.

Descibed as “nature techno,” due to KT’s commitment to reducing carbon footprints and all things green, the record fuses natural sounds with an electronic, dance-like guise. Regardless of what you think it sounds like, the track distinctly has a rougher edge.

If this direction is the principal sound behind the new record, then consider this KT deep-seated with her artistry, crafting an evolving sound that’s maintained within the margins of rock and folk with a tinge of pop.