The Cowl

GQ Cowl

Cowls are no longer exclusively for women. Creeping into menswear, nowadays it’s hardly a treatment that is only found in long sleeved attire. As we’re starting to see more retailers express their take on the large loosened collar, it’s still uncertain if this sort of collared avant-gardism will became a mainstay in menswear. Nonetheless, for the summer season the unfurled and writhing collar can now be found in tee-shirts and tanks.

Love it or hate it, I predict it continuing to evolve. The truth is I’ve both fallen in and out of love for it. The trick is not to get too crazy. A simple rule of thumb is to keep the highly experimental for professional models and not rail thin pasty boys plodding through the streets of Manhattan.

In the best case scenario this style is more stretched out than cowled, like on Taylor Lautner as he graces GQ’s cover.

It’s a casual gray tee that looks like its been worn in and stretched a little. It doesn’t call too much attention to itself and Taylor rocks it pretty damn well. Part muscle tee, part boho, Armani Exchange did a fantastic job with this one! Topman has been really pushing the envelope with the cowl, possibly more than any other menswear retailer (we’re yet to see a J.Crew take on this!). This khaki piece works. It’s essentially a reversed hoodie and because the color and style is so utilitarian, pegging the donner as a fashion victim is less likely to be the case. Pair with simple khaki shorts and black work boots.


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