On the salumi spectrum is Bresaola, a sweet air-dried Italian beef that’s got the salty divinity of prosciutto but none of the fat or oink. Elated to learn of a preserved meat variety that wasn’t pork or part sausage, I have become fascinated with the ingredient and its potential.

Sliced super thin, Bresaola can be described as somewhere between carpaccio and jerky. Olive oil and citrus awaken the meat’s texture, perking its salty canvas. Classic ingredients like Parmesan and arugula pair exceptionally well.

For a Middle Eastern twist that’s reminiscent of Bastirma (an Arabic pastrami), layer with labné on a nice, fresh baguette. Finish with olive oil, za’atar or basil and you’ve got yourself a pretty terrific sandwich.

© 2010 Faris Habayeb

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