Museum of Islamic Art


Manifesting itself along Doha’s corniche for quite some time now, I finally got to pay the Museum of Islamic Art (I.M. Pei’s latest masterpiece) a visit. The simple but striking structure is a work of art to behold. Built on an island that extends beyond the corniche, a magisterial passageway of palm trees leads to the most domineering of geometric structures that are of a timeless sort of style. A stacking of cubes, haloed at night as light and shadow writhe, build themselves around a multistory, open-roofed entrance hall creating the most dazzling of effects along the Doha skyline.

IMA Collections

Housing manuscripts, patterns, textiles and a myriad of artifacts collected over the last 2o years, the museum presents the most cohesive of Islamic Art collections the world has ever witnessed. Unveiled very recently is the Unseen Treasures exhibit, an addition of 50 new objects to the museum’s permanent, but growing collection.



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