Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Great expectations dissipated into thin air when I finally got to see Eat Pray Love. The highly anticipated Julia Roberts’ interpretation of a story well celebrated fell short on many a note.

Spiritually, the film hardly scratched the veneer. Moreover, the movie seemed it was made exclusively for Lifetime and not the big screen; all the more adding to the disappointment of what was supposed to be a summer hit.

Let’s talk about the Eat. Apart from a select pasta romance, the life altering gastronomical epiphanies that were meant to unleash a delicious religious experience all seemed cliché and almost annoying. Pray, which is set in India cradles the movie’s finest moments. As we encounter a frustrated Liz, battling with her inability to meditate and realizes the hardship of this enlightened path that she is seeking. These fine moments are diminished with the most mediocre of direction and a rather empty presence of the film’s cast.

Liz’s character is the face of the satirical Stuff White People Like. If you’re familiar with the book or blog you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The emails of her trip, forwarded to all her friends, unfolding her enlightened moments were unbearable to say the least. Moreover, the humdrum, post-feminist notion of a divorced woman, manless as she globe trots, figuring it all out in her wrinkled linen and resort wear was enough to make me hit that snooze button one more time…


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