Accademia di Vino

Academia De Vino

The folks at Academia De Vino definitely take their vino seriously, and with reasonable justification. A look at their wine menu which is printed on a college note book, runs the grape gamut quite extensively.

Marking its territory on the Upper East and West side of the island, the food offerings at this tratoria do not necessarily reinvent the wheel. Still, some dishes are delicious. The Spaghetti with Duck Meat Balls ups the ante on comfort pasta. Who knew a duck meat ball bathed in a marinara could taste so good? For something a little more different, opt for the Pesto Orecchiette Pasta with Chicken Sausage. Think fresh, homemade pasta ears filled with a delicious herby pesto.

Having said that, for an establishment that seems to pride itself on its wine knowledge, the service staff did fall short on their vino cred. The waiter couldn’t really be bothered to take the time to wax poetic on the establishments varietals. Nonetheless, the restaurant host did spontaneously emerge to rave about the Nutella Pizza, which seems like it would be quite the dessert.

Academia De Vino
2427 Broadway (between 89th St & 90th St)
New York, NY 10024


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