Get Outta My Way

Get Outta My Way

Kylie’s “Get Outta My Way” starts off where her smash hit “Slow” began and ended. A familiar Kylie snapshot sets the scene and its oh so hot: a bird’s eye view of the Aussie songstress writhing and gyrating amongst a sea of the scantily clad.

Fast forward to 2010 and we’ve got a similar situation, only this time with lots of electric candy, peroxide blondes, a distant nod to Paris Is Burning and fantastic production. The warmest of blues and plum set the backdrop amidst strobe lighting that shadow the performers and Kylie herself, resulting in a video that is visually captivating.

Void of a concrete story, the video highlights the song’s pulsating, feel-good vibe, presenting some of the finest production and effects to date. What struck me most, are the very subtle fluctuations in light. These warm and warmer allusions, hardly noticeable but definitely present, add to this gracious work of contemporary art.

The video is directed by the English, Berlin-based powerhouse, Alex and Liane. Frieder Weiss is the genius behind effects, particularly the very apparent strobe lighting shadows.


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