Filson Tote Bag for J.Crew

Filson Tote Bag

It’s not a secret conspiracy that the folks at Condé Nast and almost every men’s style editor hold J.Crew’s style cred at such high regard.

J.Crew’s prevailing ability to remain relevant in today’s fashion market is attributed to their establishment of a distinct fashion point of view that safely scribbles out of the defined margins of mainstream style. Moreover, the brand’s collaborations with third-party labels like Levi’s, Alden, and Red Wing, have allowed J.Crew to remain boutique-like in their tenor.

Made exclusively for J.Crew, this simple but striking tote speaks a sense of sprezzatura to the urban male who aspires to maintain an equal balance between function and style. Limited in its edition, it is made by Filson, a company that has been crafiting outdoor goods and rugged apparel since the 1800’s. Filson has also been making bags for Urban Outfitters.



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