Protracting Stripes

St. James

Those French style nautical stripes are clearly extending beyond the summer into the cooler climate. Here in New York, this classic look is getting the Fall 2010 treatment with an unexpected  sense of harmony that just seems to work so well.

The resurgence slowly began in 2009, when Audrey Tautou sported the classic stripes in the film, Coco Before Chanel and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop featured the nautical french look in a jumper and a cardigan on the blog’s Get section. TopMan asserted the trend when their Spring, Summer and Fall collections of this year consciously incorporated those classic stripes.

J.Crew Stripes

Mostly favored in the form of a top or t-shirt; women and men, of all ages, are gracefully sporting those classic horizontal, navy, or black stripes as they cocoon within trenches, herringbone jackets and cardigans.

In this day and age, gone are the rigid days of what’s strictly fall or spring uniform. Like many things that have changed, we are clearly experiencing a more relaxed sense of style as we weave through the seasons.

Images courtesy of St. James and J.Crew


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