The Zara Mirage

Shopper Straps Zara

If you’ve read Christine Muhle’s article in The New York Times last week, “Chasing a Fast-Fashion Knockoff” you’ll know exactly what Zara has a habit of doing. Thriving on its high-style affordable merchandise flying off its shelves either by virtue of the fashionably savvy, or simply, the dictated 15 seconds of fame that its inventory adheres to, every style maven seems to have had their share of Zara battle scars.

This syndrome was realized during my first winter spent in New York City back in 2008 when I had spotted the perfect winter boot. I recall distinctly what had happened. I spotted the pair a week before a city-wide Zara sale had been slated. Encouraged to purchase the boots at that point, I endured quite the quest. Hunting and scavenging four different Zaras before finally finding the last pair in New York and probably the world, resulted in a mixed feeling of triumph and well, exhaustion.

Recently, I discovered a bag exhibited on Zara’s website. Seeming like it were the perfect marriage of form and function, I devoted a significant amount of time and effort over the past weekend to find the item. Since online shopping is yet to be made available to the U.S., I paid three different Zaras a visit, in hopes to be able to inspect this bag and decide it if it physically warranted my apparent piqued interest. It was no where to be found, and the hunt continues…


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