Rula Jebreal

Rula Jebreal

Gracing this edition’s Vogue, Rula Jebreal is bound to cause ripples beyond her quasi-homeland of Italy where she marked her spot as a talk show force to be reckoned with. Born in Haifa, Jebreal is a dark Palestinian beauty who has come a long way from her younger, broken years; an orphan growing up in Jerusalem amidst the culminations of personal and political plight.

Released this fall is Jebreal’s screen adaptation of Miral. Based on the novel also by Jebreal, Miral chronicles a broken childhood, occupied Palestine and commemorates Hind Al Husseini, who miraculously formed Dar El-Tifil, the celebrated children’s shelter which formed in 1948 to rescue 55 orphaned survivors from the Deir Yassin massacre.

The novel will be released in the United States next month as 2010 comes to an end. Frieda Pinto plays the role of Miral which is directed by American artist and film maker, Julian Schnabel. The film is slated to premiere in the U.S in March of 2011.

Jebreal is photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.


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