The Missing Chocolate Madeleine

As much as living in New York gives you a default propensity to dismiss anything that’s chainy and not made by artisanal neighbors that live in the land of Williamsburg, Starbucks has been, and continues to be, my standby for an espresso charge and breakfast nibble.

Aside from my Turkey Bacon with Egg Whites on an English Muffin, I have always had an infatuation with their madeleines. Who knew that such a substandard way to consume a madeleine—packaged in a 3-Pack as if it were a pack of Oreos, manage to pack the freshness and butteriness of three Parisian boulangeries?

In more recent years the selection extended beyond vanilla to chocolate. These were so buttery—an aerated canvas made of chocolate that wasn’t overpowering and so delicious. But then something happened. They disappeared. At first I deemed it a shortage of my neighborhood Starbucks and then I confronted their extinction and realized they were being discontinued.

I need these guys to come back, taking dips into my cappuccinos, championing Monday morning blues and walks of shame alike.


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