Gap X Valentino

Not only did Gap retaliate from its putrid new logomark, the clothing chain these days seems to be working twice as hard prove its worth. The opening of the new Milan store is christened with a Valentino collaboration, a collection of utalitarian pieces gone sophisticated. In other words, think iconic Valentino ruffles across standard pieces like outerwear and pants. The collection, interestingly is exclusive to Europe.

Paris and London are due to have their fill as early as of next week.

Gap X Valentino

Suprisingly, the collaboaration although hardly unique in color (military green is all over this season), has resulted in a metamorphisis that could signal a significant shift in Gap’s look and feel. Past collaborations have maintained a clean,  and casual standard, synonomous with the Gap aesthetic. As a collection, Gap X Valentino looks like it could be Zara or Amsterdam’s Scotch and Soda.This is a good thing, Gap hasn’t done something this exciting in a very long time.


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