Duffy ‘Endlessly’


A foreseen turn in an any artist’s return to the limelight is to delight and possibly surprise with a shift in sound and image. Building upon Rockferry’s sound, Endlessly hardly equals its predecessor. In its best case scenario, it is barely a satisfactory collection of songs that may please a handful of die hard fans. But for an artist who is yet to prove her credibility Endlessly is a real disappointment. Remotely reminiscent of her debut, the record flows in a wimpy direction, leaving the nasal songstress we have learned to love quite annoying to listen to.

The record runs the musical veneer with a handful of broken-hearted ballads, a cheeky, seductive number or two, and some body shaking beats. Having said that, the album lacks the substance and bite that was anticipated. This especially rings true given Rockferry’s re-release with more than a handful of new material, that was impressive.

Tracks worth exploring on the album are “Hard for the Heart” and “Endlessly,” the album’s title.


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