Gruppo: Thin Crust Pizza


If you’re a thin crust fan, look no further. Gruppo crafts some of the best thin crust pizza. This is the place where edges are crispy but not burnt or dry. Pie centers are cooked yet still appropriately moist and bursting with flavor.

Symptoms of a pizza malady are a doughy and watery canvas. A result of inadequate ingredient ratios best left to critique over a homemade pizza as opposed to buying it. For a specialty pizza experience, opt for the Chixpotle. Shredded chicken sits on a homemade BBQ sauce, that’s reminiscent of tamarind and Worcestershire sauce with cheese and cilantro.

For all intents and purposes Gruppo eliminates the misgivings that stem from many a pizzeria in the city that claim to make a good thin crust pie.

186 Ave B
Manhattan, NY 10009


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