Tommy Hilfiger’s Prep World

Now that you’ve met The Hilfigers it’s time to bask in their living quarters. Experience the debut of Prep World, a pop up East Hampton style beach cottage that’s embarking on a globe trotting tour. Prep World is a 60-item collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Lisa Birnbauch, author of The Official Preppy Handbook. Think Nantucket reds, chambrays, oxfords, nautical patterns and rope belts galore.

Prep World

While this hardly comes off as groundbreaking, the endeavor marks Tommy Hilfiger’s 25th global anniversary, presenting Prep World as prep re-interpreted. Showcasing some fresh takes on a classic style that transcends the manicured lawns of Yale and Princeton. The tour kicks off during Spring of this year in Manhattan first, and then hits the road, bringing prep to other cities.


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