Urban Outfitters Launches BHLDN


Pronounced “Beholden” (Dutch for “to keep”), a new brand from Urban Outfitters Inc. will debut on Valentine’s Day.

Piloting as an online boutique and then eventually as freestanding stores, BHLDN is a fully fledged wedding concept.

Think of an amplified Anthropologie wedding; the antithesis of milestone events typically celebrated at a hotel ballroom.

Unique, shabby but elegant, BHLDN will carry heirloom and vintage-inspired pieces such as wedding gowns, dresses, accessories, shoes and lingerie. Extending beyond garments, BHLDN aspires to encapsulate the whole experience of a wedding as one knows it, providing décor, candelabras and even letterpress invitations.


One thought on “Urban Outfitters Launches BHLDN

  1. I think it’s really smart for Urban Outfitters to try and diverge into a new market, but also try to make it separate from the UO brand itself. Urban Outfitters definitely caters to the ‘hipster’ crowd, a style which is quickly becoming cliche much like Emo. Most people would probablys think “Gasp! Hipster Wedding” and and run away if the line was incorporated into the store…

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