Victoria Beckham Fall 2011

On Sunday, February 13th Victoria Beckham showcased her latest 29 creations for New York’s Fall 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. While many created looks that were distingué, Beckham managed, yet again to assert her fluency in making impeccable clothes that come from an even more distinguished point of view. Most noteworthy was Beckham’s concentration on dresses as opposed to layering and outerwear, a recurring theme in much of this year’s Fall exhibitions.

With a warm color palette that murmured winter in tint and style, brilliant crimsons and strong golds began a temperamental journey that ended with greys, blacks, olive browns and blues.

Opening with the Ruched Neck Nomad dress, the Middle East beckoned elegantly and modestly.

Ruched Neck Nomad dress

Other highlights were a Cashmere Wrap fitted dress that enveloped black and a color reminiscent of taupe dunes, cinched with a belt that twined around the waistline.

Cashmere Wrap Fitted dress


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