Fashion + Music Storytelling

Fashion + Music Story

Music that gets the spin on runways and in retail is a fascinating concept. There is a compound of elements that need to be accounted for should the result be successful. A story and or point of view, even if as peripatetic as trends and styles, if recognized, is a narrative established. This account is an integral component in translating the fashion story to the public and music is often the orchestrator of such performances.

Inspiring Gucci’s 2009 Spring collection, MGMT’s music, defined the line’s multicolored trance theme. Similarly, but on a much more explicit level, Lady Gaga blurred the lines that define music and fashion recently with her plodding of the Paris runway for Mugler while her own tunes reverberated the catwalk.

Amidst amber and mineral type treatments, Fendi’s Fall 2011 Ready to Wear collection opened with James Blake’s cover of “Limit to Your Love.” The track is minimalist yet still jeweled in its interpretation of a Feist original. Translating the sartorial into sound, James Blake also musically painted Calvin Klein’s Fall 2011 collection quite perfectly, as the line’s tame and restrained qualities mimicked the minimalist, woozy Moby-esqe sounds of Blake warbling on the runway. This is an artist who is redefining the electronic music scene with his minimalist yet bass-laden subtracting sounds.

Listen to James Blake “Limit to Your Love” here.


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