Taking the Slob Out of the Sweat (Pant)

Thanks Tom Ford, we got your most recent memo on grown up men and wearing shorts in the city. The sartorial divide that is clearly present when it comes to sweatpants is much like the argument with shorts. These days sweatpants and even skinny versions of the loose pant with an elasticized or drawstring waist have managed to make more than just a splash on the fashion scene. Love them or hate them, their interpretation has experienced a wide range of results, some a little more experimental than others, like peddle pusher sweatpants. I saw a stout man don a pair in the duty free of an international airport recently. Given his body type and affinity for tanning the result was quite dire.

For those of us who appear more traditionalist in the fashion realm, there are many styles out there that incorporate the sweatpant look in a more conforming manner. Designer sweatpants can look much like a great pair of skinny denim or khakis but just more marly and did I mention, comfortable? Unsweat Pants and Sweat Trousers are just some of the names that retailers are using to call these snug and casual creations.

Band of Outsiders

Online retailer Ssence, Band of Outsiders, Club Monaco and J.Crew are just a few of the establishments out there who are offering some really successful interpretations for consideriation.



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