Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale

Britney Spears

In its 12 years of running who can believe that the mediocre machine otherwise known as Britney Spears could still churn out some of the most relevant beats and tunes? This isn’t a disparaging entry on an artist who has and continues to hold a lot of clout on the music landscape. Rather, it is an acknowledgement of success. Ever since her life got deranged, her music seems to have gotten better. The latest, Femme Fatale is hardly a classic, nonetheless it is some of the sweetest ear candy we’ll hear in 2011. And while Britney’s voice is manipulated so much at times, the results are extremely interesting. “Trip to Your Heart” is a heart-aching slice of electro pop. Who knew that trance could be so vocally melancholic? I guess robots do cry.

The moody ebbs and flows of Britney’s producers, Max Martin and Dr. Luke are more than apparent on the record. While still maintaining a dance-based fingerprint, the record gets hot and cold and has a lot of experimentation. “I Wanna Go” paves the way for a very effervescent Euro-pop experience. “How I Roll” has some real genius behind it. It has the cool down that you would expect to hear after a bouncy Black Eyed Peas experience. Will.I.Am is on a track titled “Big Fat Bass.”

What Britney does next will be highly anticipated. My recommendation? Get in touch with Mirwais Ahmadzaï, William Orbit and Moby. Make a completely different record that has strong biographical and social contexts. Sort of like Madonna’s American Life.


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