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Inverno Women
Enthused by a fondness for snowboarding and fashion, Inverno Women is an apparel lifestyle, exclusively created for winter getaways, on and off the slopes, capturing the spirit of the athletic female.

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Born This Way Review

Born This Way

Born This Way presents a contemporary take on the iconic cultural movements that have shaped the trends of music and society. The influences that make up this artistic exhibition are a savvy move from an artist who wants us to know that she can hold water. While references to Madonna are plenty, the record channels Depeche Mode, Boney M., Bonnie Tyler and Pat Benatar. Having said that, Born This Way has its own modus operandi. Aside from the Lady Gaga’s visual antics, the music on this album was marketed vehemently. Presenting itself as one of the most highly anticipated follow ups, Lady Gaga conquered the social media world, placating and exciting her fans and the media alike.

Propagaga aside, Born This Way does not disappointment.

“Marry the Night” is a power anthem studded with 80’s fluoresce but much darker than the previously released celebratory “Hair.”

“Americano,” is campy and foreign. Reminiscent of “Alejandro” but only because it almost rhymes, employs a “Rasputin” sensibility to it. Think Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” and her more recent “Spanish Lesson,” only Sovietized with the crack of Gaga’s whip.

“Government Hooker” is the track that commanded Gaga’s inaugural catwalk at the Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 2011 show. Authoritarian and erotic, this is a great dance number, along with “Heavy Metal Lover” and “Scheiße,” which both hark back to her Fame Monster days.

Irrefutably, Born This Way packs more than a couple of chart topping, body shaking beats, but Gaga’s jeweled moments are when she is limited to her voice and perhaps a simple piano or guitar arrangement. It is in such a setting that her voice really percolates, reminding us of her vocal tenacity. “You and I” gives us a little taste of this and is one of Gaga’s best songs to date.

Pepe Verde

Pepe Verde

Home delivery in Manhattan is part of convention. A deed for the lazy to some. Urban wisdom for others. Typical takeout is pizza, Chinese and even sushi. But when you order pasta, you need to manage your expectations. Pepe Verde, the snug restaurant tucked away on Hudson, has experienced harsh criticism by many who seem to complain from all sorts of home delivered pasta blunder. Yes, overdone, soggy pasta is a buzz kill. But then again perhaps Italian is one of those things that should not be delivered.

Pepe Verde presents a straightforward, unrefined Italian experience. Dishes are rugged and simple, hearty, and wallet friendly. But the food here will also please those who demand a little more. A stout Italian man runs the show. He takes your order propped behind his little counter. The menu is written on a chalkboard with the specials designated on the far right. There are printed menus available too. Focaccia is made daily and is served with a really good, nutty olive oil. Serving plates look like they were passed on from a grandmother and Pinot is served in clear plastic cups, you know the sort you would have at art openings. The food is unambiguously delicious.

The Sautéed Calamari with Chopped Tomato and Black Olives is great. A perfect blend of sea and salt; it is rendered subliminal by way of brine and olive. The Whole Wheat Penne Primavera with tomatoes and chicken is fresh and bright. More delicious is the Rigatoni Chicken and Mushroom in Pink Sauce. Pasta pipes are rough and chewy and the sauce is creamy but tangy, punctuated with strong mushroom essence.

Pepe Verde
559 Hudson St.
(between Perry St & 11th St)
New York, NY 10014 

Allen Edmonds: Pomona Loafer

Allen Edmonds Pomona

I have been in the market for black shoes that I would mostly wear in the office. I envisioned they would be made of high quality materials and have a good sheen to them. Unlike the pairs, I’ve exhausted in Manhattan mileage, I would transport these to the office on my daily commute and put them on beneath my desk like most grown ups do. Their exposure would be limited to trips to the coffee maker, hardwood floors and some carpeting. Having had my fill with lace ups, I opted for a loafer by Allen Edmonds. These shiny loafers with great tassels captured my attention on an impulsive trip to Nordstrom Rack.

Allen Edmonds is one of those classic American brands you are more likely to see your father don than yourself. Having said that, they boast an extensive inventory of all sorts of styles. The Pomona has all the elements of what a republican in their 40’s would like in dressy footwear. Yet the detailing, which is somehow square and pointy at the same time, makes you rethink everything and keep you on your toes.

Taste No. 5 Umami Paste

Taste No. 5

This cleverly designed tube is reminiscent of packaging perhaps better suited for a luxurious face pampering of sorts. However, it is better used in the kitchen where it can elevate all sorts of flavor profiles. Umami is best described as a characteristic, derived from the Japanese language which is used to relate to a fifth taste otherwise known as savory or anything that relates to the taste of glutamates. Made of tomato paste, garlic, anchovies, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, and parmesan it holds a rich and intense encapsulation of flavor that can catapult sandwiches, meats, pastas and salads into the realms of the bold.

You can totally recreate this yourself in your own kitchen. Having said that, you don’t need to use much to get results. It can be found at Zabar’s, Dean and Deluca, and Fairway here in New York.

AIGA Design Conference 2011

Pivot Design Conference

Since joining AIGA as a professional graphic designer, I have yet to attend a design conference. Being in the industry for almost five years now, it seems that many of these conferences somehow come off as superfluous, unfeasible to attend and also quite costly.

Fortunately, this year, I’ve managed to take some assertive steps in changing things and I will be attending the AIGA Pivot Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Three days of speakers, workshops and discussions will allow for some great opportunities and experiences that will enhance my professional ethic.

More that 1,500 designers are scheduled to be present.