Taste No. 5 Umami Paste

Taste No. 5

This cleverly designed tube is reminiscent of packaging perhaps better suited for a luxurious face pampering of sorts. However, it is better used in the kitchen where it can elevate all sorts of flavor profiles. Umami is best described as a characteristic, derived from the Japanese language which is used to relate to a fifth taste otherwise known as savory or anything that relates to the taste of glutamates. Made of tomato paste, garlic, anchovies, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, and parmesan it holds a rich and intense encapsulation of flavor that can catapult sandwiches, meats, pastas and salads into the realms of the bold.

You can totally recreate this yourself in your own kitchen. Having said that, you don’t need to use much to get results. It can be found at Zabar’s, Dean and Deluca, and Fairway here in New York.


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