Allen Edmonds: Pomona Loafer

Allen Edmonds Pomona

I have been in the market for black shoes that I would mostly wear in the office. I envisioned they would be made of high quality materials and have a good sheen to them. Unlike the pairs, I’ve exhausted in Manhattan mileage, I would transport these to the office on my daily commute and put them on beneath my desk like most grown ups do. Their exposure would be limited to trips to the coffee maker, hardwood floors and some carpeting. Having had my fill with lace ups, I opted for a loafer by Allen Edmonds. These shiny loafers with great tassels captured my attention on an impulsive trip to Nordstrom Rack.

Allen Edmonds is one of those classic American brands you are more likely to see your father don than yourself. Having said that, they boast an extensive inventory of all sorts of styles. The Pomona has all the elements of what a republican in their 40’s would like in dressy footwear. Yet the detailing, which is somehow square and pointy at the same time, makes you rethink everything and keep you on your toes.


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