Pepe Verde

Pepe Verde

Home delivery in Manhattan is part of convention. A deed for the lazy to some. Urban wisdom for others. Typical takeout is pizza, Chinese and even sushi. But when you order pasta, you need to manage your expectations. Pepe Verde, the snug restaurant tucked away on Hudson, has experienced harsh criticism by many who seem to complain from all sorts of home delivered pasta blunder. Yes, overdone, soggy pasta is a buzz kill. But then again perhaps Italian is one of those things that should not be delivered.

Pepe Verde presents a straightforward, unrefined Italian experience. Dishes are rugged and simple, hearty, and wallet friendly. But the food here will also please those who demand a little more. A stout Italian man runs the show. He takes your order propped behind his little counter. The menu is written on a chalkboard with the specials designated on the far right. There are printed menus available too. Focaccia is made daily and is served with a really good, nutty olive oil. Serving plates look like they were passed on from a grandmother and Pinot is served in clear plastic cups, you know the sort you would have at art openings. The food is unambiguously delicious.

The Sautéed Calamari with Chopped Tomato and Black Olives is great. A perfect blend of sea and salt; it is rendered subliminal by way of brine and olive. The Whole Wheat Penne Primavera with tomatoes and chicken is fresh and bright. More delicious is the Rigatoni Chicken and Mushroom in Pink Sauce. Pasta pipes are rough and chewy and the sauce is creamy but tangy, punctuated with strong mushroom essence.

Pepe Verde
559 Hudson St.
(between Perry St & 11th St)
New York, NY 10014 


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