Black Mission Figs + Strained Yogurt


Like basil, Black Mission figs are one of summer’s most redeeming moments. When eaten they somehow manage to hush that unbearable humidity that blankets New York City. As a child summering in the Middle East, eating figs was a staple tradition. One of my aunts had a massive tree which bore the fruit all summer long. As an avid strained yogurt eater, I find the thickness reminiscent of the homemade yogurt my mom used to make. The combination made for a nostalgic and jubilantly delicious experience.

On a few hasty whims I’ve managed to purchase a flavored kind when I simply wanted plain, and regular when I really wanted non-fat. The latter scenario turned out to be quite a divine surprise. The discovery took place early one morning before I had even made my coffee. In spirit of a healthy, but quick breakfast I opened my yogurt and dug in. Almost instantly, I was shocked, surprised, delighted and confused, all at the same time. This is sort of like when you have a regular soda when you’re used to the alternatively sweetened kind. Instead of eating it on the spot for breakfast, I treated it like ice-cream, reserved for a treat. In fact, the flavor made me think more of Panna Cotta than anything else. I suspect this might be an interesting alternative to the heavy cream that the Italian dessert employs. For a luxurious treat, split open a couple of figs and add a dollop of strained yogurt. You can also add a drizzle of honey or agave nectar for extra sweetness.

© 2011 Faris Habayeb

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