Paris Vs. New York: A Juxtaposition

La Romantique

Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan, presents a visually delicious, descriptive account of two international iconic cities. The vector based comparisons began as a blog which debuted last year and brought about much attention and appreciation. Two and half million views later, this visual survey is now being turned into a book and prints are currently on display and sale at Colette in Paris. The collection, otherwise known as Paris Versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities, employs solid colors and minimal design to convey the differences but also similarities between Paris and New York.

What is most refreshing about Muratyan’s work are the plenty of nods made which speak to today’s trends and culture. The Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty for example, while historic and pivotal, do not necessarily bring about the same sort of visual arrest and sharp wit that an Amélie jet black bob and a Carrie Bradshaw blond curl frenzy employ.

The book which will be published by Penguin will debut in the U.S. next Spring. You can check out the collection here.


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