Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray

On the cusp, Lana Del Rey is characteristic of a fashionable artist. She is New York based, 25, attractive to look at, with voluminous, coiffed hair, and protruding lips. Styled with an editor’s prescription, all her material feels like it is 50’s or even 70’s redux. In a time where anything sepia toned or vintage looking has taken reign over the most profane of photo subjects (just look at your Facebook friend’s photos from this summer), it is hard to appreciate what may be a clever attempt of irony or technique. Yet “Video Games” which was released online earlier this summer, is sheer ear candy. Stationary, it speaks of a difficult emotion that permeates when your beloved ignores you. Like smoke that wafts ever so coyly, the song exhibits Del Rey’s honeyed but muscly vocals. Other tracks like “Diet Mtn Dew,” deliver similar results, this time with a streak of an uncomplicated fluency that perhaps will catapult her to the mainstream.


Del Rey’s genre loiters along the dark and cool, but her musical stance is hard to underpin. She describes herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” and rightfully so; at moments she can present some sophisticated elements of distant hip-hop, adding to her offbeat allure.


One thought on “Lana Del Rey

  1. Interesting, beautiful voice. “Video Games” is so great. Her performence of “Chet Baker” with Mando Diao on MTV last year is touching.

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