Will Young: Echoes

Will Young Echoes

A product of a British reality vocal contest, Will Young’s musical journey, now 10 years in the making, has finally manifested him as noteworthy.

Echoes conjures an understated sort of brilliance that politely calls for your ear’s consideration. Gracefully gyrating through electronic dance floor beats, the record is a lo-fi gem that revive the 80’s. Along the George Michael and Pet Shop Boys matrix, Echoes unleashes indulgent sensations of nostalgic melancholia that are not characteristic of any material released in 2011.

Losing Myself” is stylishly brooding. “I Just Want a Lover” cannot get anymore salacious, yet it is delivered in a manner most gracious. “Good Things” is simply, cleverly crafted. With an infectious chorus it is engineered to narrate the beat of a good pop number that would have never been released after 1992.

Discerning producer Richard X’s forlorn disco tunes and Young’s wistful vocals have crafted a demure kind of prettiness that is undoubtedly successful. This is the record that Darren Hayes could have recorded but sadly did not.


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