Milk Bar Birthday Cake Truffles

Milk Bar Birthday Truffle

My roommate generously picked up a 3-pack of these to surprise me for my birthday. It’s difficult to capture the description of such delicious cake spheres. They are powerfully vanilla based and studded with colorful sprinkles. But like everything that comes from David Chang, these Birthday Cake Truffles are exceptionally unique. Reminiscent of a cake-pop, once you bite into one, a center so dense, buttery and sweet awaits. After my third piece I began to draw nostalgic comparisons to ghraibeh, a rich Arabic cookie made of mostly clarified butter, that matches the velvety interior of these Momofuku truffles. This is one distinct dessert that doesn’t even employ chocolate and is delicious!

Momofuku Milk Bar
561 Columbus Ave.
(Between 87th and 88th)
New York, NY 10024


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