Marion Cotillard | L.A.dy Dior

L.A.dy Dior

Marion Cotillard’s most recent for Christian Dior, “L.A.dy Dior”, is a flippant, laughable, short on the sometimes, overbearing reality of fashion behind the scenes. Directed by John Cameron Mitchell, the French beauty plays a glamorous, but flustered star named Margaux. The six minute movie opens with Margaux disclosing concern to her agent about her percolating disengagement with the fashion business. Forced to endure another staged and lackluster photo shoot, a spirit of anarchy and rage prevails over the unrecognizably made-up Margaux. In the midst of a fit-of-temper she manages to shoot uninhibitedly, angrily, and carelessly, all the while, grabbing the Selection Lady Dior bag in tricolor crocodile; sapphire, fuschia, and turquoise.

You can see the short film here.


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