It was only on a recent trip to visit family in the Middle East did I make the connection between Becco and Lidia Bastianich. The prized Hell’s Kitchen Italian eatery had been on my radar for sometime now, but for some reason the association between Lidia and Becco never resonated till I watched her cook on the Arab world’s answer to The Food Network, Fatafeat.

On a cold but eventful December evening, I stumbled into the restaurant and the Italian experience was one of the most promising in the area.

Becco is not the best Italian restaurant in the city, nonetheless, it fares on a delicious and competent level. The all-you-can-eat three-pasta prix fixe is a foodie’s concept of a buffet. Waiters gracefully offer to replenish your plate with variable pastas of the day. Wines are extensive and much of them are distinguished without breaking the bank. Most notable is the restaurant’s service. Many of the waitstaff seem native to Italy and serve in a manner that is elegant but warm, all the while retaining an effortless presence that does not interrupt your dining experience. The mashed white bean appetizer, more or less an Italian hummus, is roused with a hauntingly nutty olive oil. The Antipasto Misto offering is a smorgasbord with delicious little bites of prepared vegetables, cheese and seafood. It’s a great way to unlock the restaurant’s caliber.

355 W 46th St

(between 8th Ave & 9th Ave) 
New York, NY 10036


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