Proposed Identity: UNRWA Film Competition

UNRWA Faris Habayeb 1

The keffiyeh provides protection from direct sun exposure and also shields the mouth and eye area from blowing dust and sand. Palestinian refugees are no strangers to the exposure of harsh environmental and metaphorical elements. The icons in the proposed UNRWA Film Competition identity are an abstract representation of the patterns found on the traditional textile. However, more importantly, they allude to youth and growth; all the while being captured by the lens of a recording camera.

UNRWA Faris Habayeb 2

UNRWA Color Block Faris Habayeb

UNRWA DVD case Faris Habayeb

© 2012 Faris Habayeb

3 thoughts on “Proposed Identity: UNRWA Film Competition

  1. Hello, Faris!
    I had been using a mod of your tri-tone keffiyeh graphic as my Twitter cover image for a couple years, I hope you don’t mind. I had no idea who made it until today. Anyway, I just modified it some more, to make it vertically-patternable, and in case you have any use for it, I figured I’d give it to you, since it’s entirely derived from your work, and since I’ve been using yours. I’m now using this pattern for my desktop. 🙂

    The mods I made, other than extracting it from the border, were to separate the herringbone pattern from itself some more—this was just out of laziness, to make it easier for me to line up. Now the bottom of one herringbone is 0px above the top of the next, they are flush with each other. The inner grey and black pattern I created new, but based on the general sizing of yours (width of grey center strip = 2x white = 2x black strips), and the grey color was picked directly out of your graphic. I also merged the fishnet pattern vertically. A potential issue arose here—I can’t see it, but it might catch your eye: the smaller black diamonds of the fishnet are 1px smaller than they were, to make them match vert/horiz with each other. Pattern will repeat every 5 herringbones/3 fishnet diamonds.

    Height of all is 456px —
    Pattern: (677×456)
    Pattern at the center of a 1280px wide white background:
    Grey/black strips:
    e.g. Desktop:

    I’m not familiar with the image host I used, so if these links end up breaking, feel free to email me and I can send you the patterns.


    1. Hi Shannon,

      So lovely of you to write in. I’m happy that you liked the design enough to use yourself and have it inspire you as well to play! As you figured out, the composition as it exits is not pattern ready. Either way, I’m so happy that you took this further and thanks for letting me know.

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