Unlocking that Mediterranean Flavor

Sardines and Tahini Faris Habayeb

For almost a year now, I’ve developed a fondness for sardines, particularly the boneless, skinless variety that sit in olive oil. In a Niçoise salad, I use them instead of anchovies or canned tuna.

On a spontaneous whim, I composed a delightful meal of fattoush, roasted sweet potato spears, and sardines, which were dressed with sun-dried tomatoes and a lemon-tahini-soy dressing. The result was a nutty, creamy flavor, reminiscent of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

In my fattoush I used toasted whole wheat pita, sumac, and arugula. The salad was dressed by reserving some of the oil from the sardines and adding lemon juice. Amidst the fresh acidity of it all, a smidgen of goat cheese was added for an indulgent surprise.

© 2012 Art by Faris Habayeb

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