S’MAC: Sarita’s Mac + Cheese


In a city where one gets easily accustomed to the commonplace affectations that ooze from many-a-food establishment, our palettes become discerning and persnickety, snubbing an entire dining experience due to a substandard wine pairing or rackety acoustics.  Thus we retort, romanticizing the simplest of things, mac and cheese being the most jeweled of comfort American eats, or, even Kraft Foods’s portfolio.

Sarita’s Mac and Cheese, otherwise known as S’MAC, is located in the East Village, capitalizing on the comfort food formula, all the while satisfying the cheese obsessed. The restaurant glimmers of warm oranges and yellows, as the silhouette of a cast-iron skillet emblazons a S’MAC type treatment.

In this kitchen, gruyere meets star-spangled cheddar, a whole-wheat-bread-crumb-free option is made available, and international modifications to the pasta and cheese laden dish are encouraged. Masala mac and cheese anyone?

Beat the crowds, head to the take out section, a store or two down from the main shop, and get your mac and cheese to go. Even better and more comfortable, if the weather permits, nosh on the East Village streets.

345 E 12th St
(between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave) 
New York, NY 10003


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