Yasmine Hamdan Resurfacing

Yasmine Hamdan

The latest by Lebanese songstress Yasmine Hamdan is spearheaded by Nouvelle Vague’s Marc Collin.

Following 2009’s collaboration with the producing genius that is Mirwais Ahmadzaï, it appears that the urban, electro-bathed beats of Y.A.S. have been abandoned. Nonetheless, Hamdan continues to draw from her discography, retaining her haunting vocals all the while cultivating a new-found harmony with acoustic instrumentation.

In Kan Fouadi (If My Heart) is an extremely delicate, dainty ditty, expressive of heart wrench. What is most striking about Hamdan is her continuing ability to showcase the Arabic song in unconventional lights. Her formula never appears contrived, a malady of modern-day Arabic pop. Refreshingly, Hamdan has a beautiful tendency to serve idiosyncratic lyrics steeped with pan-Arab colloquialisms, set amidst a cosmopolitan range of musical styles.


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