Crisp or Rumpled, Pink is King

A good four years ago I purchased a pink shirt from J.Crew. It was a Goldilocks sort of pink, not too bright, but not too light. Made of 100% cotton, I had reserved it for my budding professional wardrobe. Impulsively, a cold hand-washing later and the shirt became an all-season, all-occasion favorite. It seemed to only grow softer through time. So much that even as the fabric began to deteriorate, the shirt became something I slept in on occasion or would run down to the bodega to. I eventually disposed of the cloth that literally started to wear like a rag, but not in that cool Rag and Bone kind of way.

Basic Poplin SPF 26.99 Euros

At Springfield, the Spanish retailer of relaxed, urban menswear, I spotted a fine pink shirt that not only fit my frame (34 XS1) but is comfortable and soft. Hooray for Spanish clothing that possesses sizing and a sartorial aesthetic that I can subscribe to!


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