Advertising: Mixing The Old With The New

Badoo Logo

Launched in London, six years ago, Badoo is a social discovery website that is set on winning the hearts of America, particularly New Yorkers. Unveiling its very-first U.S. advertising campaign, Badoo hired Exposure, an independently owned international creative agency, to splatter streets and subways cars alike, with witty handwritten statements that profile the cool people that make up the lovely city of New York. As expected, the campaign documents that Badoo is the preferred meeting social media platform.

Hand Written Typography

Badoo I want Ad
What struck me most about the campaign, is the resurgence of handwritten letter forms, particularly those of the messy, inky, variety. While it is not the most favorable as far as visual accessibility is concerned, the result is stylish, attractive, and outright luscious.

The copywriting style of “I Want”, employed as a tagline, brings about the right mix of wit, humor, and whimsy. Additionally, the juxtaposition of incorporating old fashioned elements such as handwriting and even print as a medium, bring forth an interesting dimension to a campaign that is promoting a social media platform.

Handwritten Typography

Here’s what one of my favorite advertisements read:

“I want to blow your mind. I’m an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in bacon. I like long weekends of the four day variety. I’m never late, unless I figure a good excuse. I’ll keep you on your toes and sweep you off your feet. And I want to meet new people.”


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