Yuasa Loungewear

Yuasa Loungewear

Those in the fashion know were bestowed with a conglomeration of DJs, designers, fashionistas, foodies, and those in-betweeners, composing the culturally delicious canvas that is New York. Held at SoHo’s Greenhouse on Saturday, May 12, Ladyfag’s Pop Souk ran from noon till 6 in the evening. Amidst funky tee shirt makers, scented candles, and tattoo parlor stations; the experience bore much resemblance to what would be behind the scenes of a Lady Gaga video shoot.

Most notable was Yuasa’s Loungewear, a simple business endeavor by Michael Yuasa, which aims to revise the oversized American boxer short. Retailing for $45, they were sold for only $15. In simple hues like mauve (but I think blush is more accurate), indigo, and white, the cut of this designer short is slimmer and more comfortable than your average Fruit of the Looms. Depending on context, these could totally be worn out, like a summer pair of micro shorts. Yuasa is a name to keep on the NYC radar, the young man seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve, dabbling with design, food, fashion, and photography. A L.E.S. donut concept is in the works.


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