While RedFarm will undoubtedly put your rice and broccoli chicken to shame, it’s a classic example of the pretentious New York food scene. For starters it will certainly cost you more than your neighborhood Chinese takeout. It’s unassuming but oh-so-cool, sitting above a laundromat on Hudson interior seems always packed with customers. RedFarm takes no reservations, and has one of those hip Toto toilets that I have no clue how to operate.

Nonetheless, this is the spot where the likes of David Chang hang out. Moreover, its patrons exhibit the varied fabric of New York City. Tourists who know better than to flock at Eataly, and all the different sorts that make up a New Yorker’s demographic. Hipsters, young professionals, and couples curious about the menu, a cross between Chinese American cuisine and a Yiddish point of view.

Dishes at RedFarm revive the luscious and intense flavors imagination often associates with Chinese food but reality fails to deliver. It is malady of many a takeout place to end up with congealed vegetables that are flat with flavor, a side effect of substandard ingredients, too much cornstarch, and maybe not enough spice.

For mere sensationalism, order Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll, a croquette that punctuates Ed Schoenfeld’s identity: A Jewish Brooklynite obsessed with Chinese Food. His partner in this food crime is Joe Ng, an expert at Asian American cuisine, and a master at prepared meats.

The Diced Lamb with Chinese Broccoli and White Asparagus is worth trying, even if lamb is not your protein of choice. Bold with flavor, tenderly seared lamb morsels sit amidst some delightfully sauteed Asian vegetables and aromatics. Paired with Soft and Crunchy Fried Vegetable Rice, a festivity of fragrant color and crunch, and you have got yourself one of the best Chinese eats in New York.

529 Hudson St.
NY, NY 10014 


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